Women and girls who witness domestic violence are deprived of their human rights to health, education, and involvement in the politics of their communities and countries. One way to stop violence against women is to empower them. GNECC joined the millions of people who advocated for the 16 days of
activism which started on November 25 – December 10, 2022. The annually celebrated campaign addresses women’s challenges and makes a conscious effort to install safety measures to secure a safe environment for them. GNECC focused more on the violence against women and girls with disability thus had some media engagements to address some of the challenges the women and girls with disability go through on a daily basis. During the 16 days of activism, GNECC pushed for the effective implementation of the disability act and the Prevention of all forms of abuse against women and girls with disability. It was highlighted how important to communicate an organization-wide policy that is clearly stated and calls for severe disciplinary punishment for anyone found guilty. Together, let’s create a setting free from violence for women and girls with disability.