January 24, 2023 



As we celebrate International Day of Education, the Ghana National Education Coalition Campaign (GNECC) would like the government of Ghana to address the current challenges facing the education system. The president made some commitment during the Transforming Education Summit in the UN that 23% of the National Budget will be allocated to education. GNECC as a mouthpiece of education in Ghana wishes to remind the President and the education ministry of this commitment and we are looking forward to its reality. The government’s 12.9% budgetary allocation to the education sector in the 2023 national budget although indicates an increase as compared to last year’s allocation, still falls below the target

Ghana has set for itself in 2021 during the Global Education Summit held in the United Kingdom where the president pledged to spend at least 23% of the national budget on education over the medium term from 2021 to 2025.

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