GNECC organized a capacity-building training on inclusive teaching skills for district special education coordinators and teachers teaching in inclusive classrooms from six districts across three regions in Ghana, with support from the Education Out Loud project. The 3-day training covered the concept of universal design for learning, group assignment, and the preparation of Appropriate Paper Technology (APT) for children with developmental disabilities. The participants learned about the application of the universal design for learning (UDL) approach, appropriate paper technology (APT) for children with developmental disabilities, and how to make sure that children with disabilities get the reasonable accommodations they need. However, it was noted that the training was not sufficient, as only three teachers per district were trained, and the training period of three days was not enough to cover the entirety of the material. The training should be expanded to cover more teachers and take place over a longer period of time, ideally 1-2 weeks, to ensure maximum impact.

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