Civil society organizations in education are calling on the government to increase the budgetary allocation to education from the current 12 percent to at least 15 percent of the total national budget, using the supplementary budget window, and prioritize the disbursement of allocated discretionary education budget to increase the low budget execution to at least hundred percent by the end of the current financial year.

The group also wants the government to develop an emergency infrastructure expansion plan for overcrowded urban and peri-urban schools and also deploy desks to all the 2.3 million pupils in underserved schools.

Star Ghana Foundation, Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition, Africa Watch, Action Aid, International Development Program, and the Civil Society Platform Ghana want government as a matter of urgency to immediately procure textbooks and workbooks in all relevant subjects for all basic school pupils and also re-introduce the supply of free exercise books to all public basic schools

National Coordinator for GNECC, Bernice Mpere-Gyekye during the press conference indicated that quality education starts at the basic eve and there was a need for the government t make basic education a top priority to address the trend.

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