GNECC regional chapters, under the Education Out Loud (EOL)project through sponsorship from the
Global Partnership for Education (GPE) through Oxfam Ghana successfully convened its Regional
Meetings with the primary objective of facilitating dialogue among key stakeholders in the educational
sector. The purpose of the meeting was to collectively address significant challenges and establish
collaborative strategies aimed at enhancing the quality of education within the respective region.
Distinguished attendees included representatives from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs),
representatives of Ghana Education Service (GES), the Social Welfare Department, the Ghana
Federation of Persons with Disabilities, NAGRAT, and retired educationists. The meeting fostered a vibrant discourse centered on the region’s most pressing educational concerns, such as insufficient infrastructure, low enrollment rates, examination malpractice, and limited community engagement. Moreover, it served as an invaluable platform for participants to exchange insights, experiences, and knowledge, fostering mutual learning and enhancing their collective capacity. In conclusion, the regional meetings effectively united stakeholders in the various regions from the education sector to address critical challenges, envisaging a transformative impact that will cultivate positive change and foster an improved educational landscape in the country.