A RoundTable Discussion at Sunlodge Hotel, organized by GNECC in collaboration with #ANCEFA and supported by @Open Society Foundations – Africa. Aligned with SDG 4 and CESA: 2016-2025, the initiative addresses inclusive and quality education challenges across Africa.


Thorough Discussions: Foster dialogue between policymakers and implementers on CESA 2016-2025.

Analysis of Challenges: Identify practical challenges for refinement and policy adjustments.

Common Position Paper: Develop a unified CESA implementation and refinement guide.

Child Rights Assessment: Assess the status of child rights implementation through ACRWC and UNCRC shadow reports.

Expected Outcomes:

Enhanced Awareness: Participants gain a deeper understanding of CESA 2016-2025.

Policy Inputs: Collect concrete inputs for policy reviews and improvements.

Position Paper: Craft a comprehensive guide reflecting collective insights.

Shadow Reports: Produce informed reports on ACRWC and UNCRC progress and challenges.

Be part of the transformative journey towards inclusive and quality education in Africa!