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Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) is a network of civil society organisations, professional groupings, educational/research institutions and other practitioners interested in promoting quality basic education for all. Formed in 1999, the Coalition has steadily grown over the years with a current membership of about 200 organisations. Its philosophy is premised on the fact that education is a fundamental human right and key to breaking the cycle of poverty.It is a membership based network with over 200 members including child rights organizations, disability organizations, international non-governmental organizations, teacher unions, retired educationists, faith-based organizations and youth organizations. Our mission is to influence policy towards providing equal educational opportunities for all children irrespective of their economic, social, religious, geographical background or disability. We believe every child has a right to quality, relevant and enjoyable education.

  • Training in rigorous analysis
  • Highly developed practical competence
  • Excellent basis for a wide range of careers

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