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Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition

Strengthen national civil society engagement in education planning, policy dialogue and monitoring Enhance inclusion and quality education for Children with Special Educational Needs at the pre- tertiary sector in Ghana by the end of 2023 This project, which is to enhance inclusion and quality education for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) at the pre-tertiary sector in Ghana, seeks to build on progress made over the last decade in the advocacy for accessible, equitable, quality and relevant pre-tertiary education for every Ghanaian child and youth irrespective of their gender, disability, location and economic backgrounds with support from the Civil Society Education Fund, the Global Partnership for Education through the Education Out Loud project in the last year and other partners. The project design is informed by lessons learnt from previous achievements and failures with the intent of scaling up effective advocacy approaches and sustaining advocacy actions to achieve real impact.

  • Research
  • Tracked the disbursement and utilization of Global Partnership for Education Grants (GPEG),
  • Education Privatization, Teacher Gaps in Public basic schools in Ghana,
  • Gender-based violence in schools, state of implementation of the education decentralization policy,
  • Distribution and utilization of education resources,
  • Snap Shot research under the USAID Learning project,
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GNECC is currently implementing a project intervention to respond to the impact of covid-19 pandemic on education. This project is complementing the effort of government to roll out Elearning program for school children whilst at home by converting the learning content into accessible formats for children with special education needs. From 2017 to 2019, GNECC implemented a project to advance the right to education for children with disabilities in Ghana.

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Our Vision

GNECC will advocate for good quality, relevant and enjoyable basic education

Our Objectives

To work for the removal of barriers at local, national and international levels

Our Missions

to work at changing attitudes and practices and influencing policies of institutions

Our Strategies

The strategies employed include evidence-based advocacy

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